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Community Commitments

One of my core values is a commitment to the community. Therefore a portion of my commission is always donated. Take a look at some of the amazing local organizations I have supported so far!


Friends of Manual

The mission of Friends of Manual (FOM) is to support the academic achievement and overall high school experience of students at Manual High School. FOM’s volunteer board raises money for programs important for student success.

Donations support essential elective classes, innovative and career-focused academic programs, faculty grants and extra-curricular activities.

Jewish Family Service

Strengthening the community by providing comprehensive services to vulnerable individuals and families of all faiths, races, ages, incomes, abilities, sexual orientation, and gender identities

throughout Colorado.

Extreme Community Makeover

Extreme Community Makeover brings communities together through building relationships

"one block at a time.”

End of Summer Fest

End of Summer Fest is a youth led summer music festival for youth performers.  

Providing a stage for young performers, inviting in local businesses and food vendors, is a way to showcase the immense talent that the 

Five Points community has to offer!

    Women are the co- or sole-breadwinners in 45 percent of Colorado households. By maximizing opportunities for all women to have access to education, job training, and career placement that is needed to secure livable wages, achieve pay equity, advance in their careers, or even start their own businesses, we strengthen the economic engines

of our communities.

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